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Southwest Holiday Items

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Jemez Pueblo Pottery Nativity Scene

by Linda Fragua

Linda Lucero Fragua lives in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. Linda was born into the Lucero family, daughter to Joe and Rebecca, another famous potting family of Jemez, before she married into the renowned Fragua family. The exceptionally beautiful storytellers and babies with their expressive eyes and precious animated faces are easily identified as Linda's work. Linda's work can be seen in Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery by Guy Berger and Nancy Schiffer.


Back wall is 6 1/4" Tall, 8 3/4" Wide.

Suggested Retail $735.00 / Your Price: $550.00

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Jemez Pueblo Nativity Set

by Judy Toya

Judy Toya is a Jemez potter who specializes in storyteller figures. She is the daughter of potter Mary Toya, and the niece of Jemez artist, Fannie Loretto. Judy was taught by her mother. She uses traditional methods to make each doll. This piece is signed.

Wall is 3 1/4" Tall, 8 3/4" Wide. Joseph is 3 1/8" Tall.

Suggested Retail $525.00 / Your Price: $395.00

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Jemez Pueblo Storyteller Angel

by Chrislyn Fragua

Chrislyn Fragua is a Native American potter from the reservation of Jemez Pueblo. She has been making pottery, storytellers and other figures since the age of twelve. Her mother Linda Lucero-Fragua took the time to teach her how to make pottery and taught her to get the clay from the hills of Jemez. She is now passing the skills on to her daughter, Anissa Tsosie.

The clays and paint the Jemez potters use come from the surrounding areas of Jemez Pueblo so everything they use in the process of making the pottery is natural. Her favorite part of making pottery is doing the formation. Once she starts working with the clay she doesn't know what she will be forming and she usually gets different ideas. She has won a couple of ribbons from the Eight Northern Art Shows and plans to accomplish more in the near future.

5 1/4" Tall, 3 3/8" Wide

Suggested Retail $145.00 / Your Price: $105.00

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Navajo Sand Painted Ornament

by Junior Whiterock

Junior is a Navajo sand painter and creates a wide array of paintings, pottery, picture frames and more. He won a second place ribbon for his work at the 2008 Santa Fe Indian Market .

Each ornament has the word Keshmesh (Navajo for Christmas) written in sand next to the intricate design. Junior signed each piece as JrW. 

2 3/4" Wide

Suggested Retail $42.00 / Your Price: $27.00

3 Available in This Style

Backed by Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!



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