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Acoma Hand Coiled Pueblo Pottery Bowl

$240.00 $325.00
SKU: 010323-PA-R908

Georgia Patricio has been making pottery since she was twelve years old. Georgia's mentors were her mother, Lucy Juanico and grandmother, Joselita Ray. She uses wooden tools called gourds to shape her pots and pumice stone to smooth them. Most of her pottery is black on white but she also does polychrome. Georgia collects her clay at a nearby mesa bringing it back to her home in cloth sacks. She uses stones and wild spinach weed to create the black paint she uses on her pottery. As Georgia says "most of the designs I paint have been designs handed down from many generations but there are some I have created. All of the designs I paint have various meanings." Georgia and her husband, Leo, have three children and live at Acoma Pueblo. This piece is signed.

4" Tall, 4 1/4" Wide

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