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Native American Indian Small Standing Pipe

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This is a beautiful Navajo hand crafted standing pipe. It has an antiqued finish is wrapped in buckskin with feathers fashioned along the pipe with arrowheads, and tassels. The bowl, base and bite are all real antler. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity by the artist.

The peace pipe was brought forth and smoked on momentous occasions. It was an integral part of their religion, and political lives as well as intertribal conferences and treaty negotiations.

Medicine Men used it in ceremonies to heal sickness and to ward off danger and trouble. The pipe styles also varied from tribe to tribe and individuals. The Indians fashioned them from bone, wood, clay and a variety of stone materials. But in one respect all were the same; all were sacramental and were believed to be of divine inspiration. The bowl was the alter and in it was burned the sacred offering, Tobacco.©

SIZE: Approximately 6" from tip to end

As with all hand-made art, size and coloring will vary with each piece.

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