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The Zuni fetish badger is associated with the South. The badger dominates the activities of husbandry and agriculture, relatively small but fierce and tenacious and has been known prevail over animals far larger, as such they can be counted on in tight situations to display boldness and perseverance. Badger represents passion and persistence. He will not give up until he has reached a desired goal. Living close to the ground, he has great knowledge of the earth.

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Dyed Allunite Badger Navajo Stone Carving
Orange Alabaster Badger Zuni Fetish
Picasso Marble Badger Zuni Fetish
Pipestone Badger Zuni Fetish
Sandstone Badger Zuni Fetish
Travertine Badger Zuni Fetish
Travertine Double Badger Zuni Fetish Carving
Watermelon Serpentine Badger Zuni Fetish
White Marble Badger Zuni Fetish
Zuni Fish Rock Badger Zuni Fetish Carving
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