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Hopi Hand Coiled Pottery Carved Yei Vase

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SKU: 052323-PH-Q948

Ida was born in Pine Springs, Arizona, in 1960. She grew up in a Navajo family, learning to weave even though it wasn’t her calling. In the 1980s, she married Andrew “Louie” Sahmie and moved to the Hopi reservation. There, Ida learned to make pottery from Priscilla Namingha, granddaughter of famous Hopi potter Nampeyo, and her mother in law. According to the Heard Museum, “Ida watched Priscilla making pottery and was moved by the beautiful work.

Wanting to do something with her hands, Ida was encouraged by her mother-in-law to make some pots. She started out making small pots, which she fired along with Priscilla’s work. Her original designs were simple Hopi based patterns. Ida soon realized that she needed to make her own design based on her Navajo heritage.”. The vase was delicately formed by hand and then painted with a Yei design. It is signed by the artist. 

6" Tall, 5" Wide

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