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Jemez Pueblo Pottery

The Jemez Pueblo is located in Central-Northern New Mexico. The pottery produced there is known for its distinctive earth-tone colors blending stone polished and matte finishes with painted and etched designs. The people of Jemez abandoned the craft of pottery making sometime in the early 18th century and relied instead on purchasing wares from other Pueblos, mostly Zia. Eventually they began to create their own work again during the 1920s and 30s, incorporating Zia's traditional designs and styles. It was not until the late 70s or 80s when Jemez pottery, with the help of noted potters such as Juanita Fragua and Mary Small, that Jemez pottery began to take on more distinctive designs and qualities that have made it very popular among collectors and enthusiasts. We carry works from artists Linda Fragua and daughter Chrislyn Fragua, along with pieces from Judy Toya, Juanita Fragua, Mary Lucero, Diane Lucero, Mary Lewis and numerous other award winning Jemez Pueblo artists.

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