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Santa Clara Pueblo Etched Pottery

$975.00 $1,300.00
SKU: 121322-PSC-P849

Norman Red Star, “Wi-Cahpe-Luza”, Swift Star, is a full blooded Native American Indian born into the Sioux Nation in 1955. He was inspired to continue the long lived tradition of crafting art by his Uncle, the famous, RedStarr. Norman began working with art at the age of 16. He started out with crafting bead work, and at the age of 24 he began hand carving sculptures on stone. At the age of 26 he began painting, and at the age of 40 he began crafting pottery.

Norman now specializes in hand crafting the traditional Santa Clara pottery with sgraffito etchings. He gets his ideas from hunting and mother nature herself. He etches animal legends on his pottery. He also accents his pottery with turquoise stones. Norman was quoted as saying: “The finished pottery is always a welcomed sight to see.” Norman signs his pottery as: Wi-Cahpe-Luza, Red Star, followed by a shield symbol, and finally with his census number.

Stone polished and hand coiled red-ware pottery with an etched scenes and turquoise stone accents. Signed by the artist.

4 1/4" Tall, 5 1/4" Wide

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