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Turquoise is one of the most important gemstones in the world, with a fascinating history going back almost 7500 years. This sky blue stone is thought to have first been discovered in Egypt and has since adorned the likes of Pharaohs and kings over the millennia. Valued not only for its beauty, but for its supernatural properties as well. It has been used by healers in many cultures around the world.

Turquoise formation is a rare occurrence around the world. It formed millions of years ago in arid climates such as Egypt or in the Southwest United States. Turquoise is a chemical mixture of copper and aluminum phosphates that forms through a process of hydro-thermal replacement. In other words, chemicals and minerals from nearby rocks are leached out by rain or other water and reformed in the crevices of other hosts, commonly rhyolite, limestone, quartz or chert. These other host minerals make up the stone's matrix.

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Adjustable Natural Kingman Turquoise Ring, Size 9
Adjustable Natural Kingman Turquoise Ring, Size 9
Carico Lake Turquoise Cluster Ring, Size 9 +
Cloud Mountain Turquoise Cobblestone Inlay Ring, Size 9 1/2
Estate Native American Turquoise and Coral Ring, Size 9 1/2
Golden Hill Turquoise Ring, Size 9 1/2
Kingman Red Web Sterling Silver Ring, Size 9 1/2
Kingman Turquoise Cluster Adjustable Ring, Size 9+
Natural Pilot Mountain Turquoise Ring, Size 9 1/4
Navajo Natural Dry Creek Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring Size 9 1/2
Sonoran Gold Turquoise Cluster Ring, Size 9 1/2
Sonoran Rose Turquoise Ring, Size 9 1/2
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