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Zuni Fetishes

Some of our accomplished artists include Andres Quandelacy, Bremette Epaloose, Lena Boone, Ron Laahty, Ricky Laahty, Claudia Peina, Stewart Quandelacy, and Andres Quam.

American Indians have used fetishes throughout recorded history.  Fetish carvings are believed to hold magical powers and protect the owner or craftsmen from various problems of mind or body.  The Zuni Indian Fetish must be taken care of and are given offerings of cornmeal and kept in special turquoise encrusted fetish pots or pouches. It is also believed that the care a Native American Fetish receives is directly proportional to the protection it will provide. Fetishes sold today are more correctly referred to as carvings, as they have not been blessed by a medicine man. True Zuni Animal Carvings or fetishes are not commercially sold.

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Onyx Beaver Zuni Fetish
Dolomite Beaver Zuni Fetish
Travertine Beaver Zuni Fetish Carving
Sandstone Beaver Zuni Fetish
Dyed Allunite Beaver Navajo Stone Carving
Orange Calcite Beaver Zuni Fetish
Septarian Beaver Zuni Fetish
Marble Beaver Zuni Fetish
Dyed Allunite Beaver Navajo Stone Carving
Calcite Beaver Zuni Fetish
Turquoise Beaver Navajo Stone Carving
Marble Beaver Zuni Fetish
Natural Opal Beaver Zuni Fetish Carving
Picasso Marble Beaver Zuni Fetish
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