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Santa Clara Pueblo Black Pottery Eagle Figure

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SKU: 040522-PSC-A788

Paul and Dorothy Gutierrez have been married since 1965, and have two sons, Paul Gutierrez Jr. and Gary Gutierrez. Dorothy was born in 1940 and is a Navajo woman. Her mother is a weaver who weaves belts. Paul Sr. was born is 1936 and is a Tewa Pueblo Indian. They are very well known for their Black Mudhead Figurines. The mudheads are now what we call "Koshares" and they take part in the Indian ceremonial dances as clowns. They are made to put a smile on your face and to remind you not to take life so seriously all of the time. Paul's parents were both well know potters by the names of Lela and Vann Gutierrez. Paul has two sisters. Margaret Gutierrez, in her late fifties, to out knowledge still makes pottery. She specializes in polychrome bowls and figurines. Paul's late sister, Pauline Gutierrez, taught him the art of pottery making. Paul's niece, Stephanie Naranjo, also makes polychrome figurines. The Gutierrez family biography can be found in many books including "The fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery," by Rick Dillingham.

Paul passed away in 2017. Dorothy carries on the work that they began together. This piece is signed by Dorothy

3" Tall, 3 1/2" Wide, 1 1/2" Deep

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