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2 Baby Isleta Pueblo Pottery Sculpture

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SKU: 102716-PP-3044

This two baby storyteller is from Isleta pueblo artist, Lynette Teller. Storytellers were originally created by Cochiti artist Helen Cordero in 1964. Originally, she created female figures with children in their arms and called these dolls “Singing Mothers”. They quickly gained in popularity and many other artists in Cochiti started making them as well. Helen eventually made a male figure, modeled after her Grandfather, Santiago Quintana, with children clinging to his back and in his lap. The doll had an open mouth as he was telling stories to the children. Helen believed a male doll was more appropriate, as males were traditionally the storytellers in her tribe. As time went on, more and more artists started making their own storyteller dolls, each adapting their own unique style and implementing their own beliefs based on their heritage. This piece is signed.

3 1/2" Tall, 2 1/2" Wide

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