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Acoma Pueblo Hand Coiled Pottery

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SKU: 091616-PA-0065

Alicia is the daughter of Acoma Pueblo potter, Darla Davis. She specializes in the handmade traditional styled Acoma pottery with parrots and elements of the earth. Alicia was taught where to get clay from the sacred Pueblo grounds and learned how to clean and grind it to a fine powder. Then she will mix it with pottery shards from other broken pottery in order to recycle the old pottery and reuse it so that nothing goes to waste. She paints with all natural colors. This incredible piece is from the late 90's and is part of a private collection. It is in excellent condition with a few small flaws, which is expected with it's age.

This piece is signed.

15 3/4" Tall, 12 1/2" Wide

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