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Acoma Pueblo Hand Coiled Pottery Seed Pot

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SKU: 012622-PA-Y311

Kim hand paints fine line, feather, and starburst patterns on a wide variety of shaped pots like wedding vases, water jugs, olla’s, and traditional shapes. She has recently sparked an interest in hand coiling traditional pottery. She is currently in the early stages of becoming a traditional hand coiling artist. She is currently working mainly with miniature pottery. However, Kim feels she needs more practice with hand coiling pottery the way of her ancesstors. She signs her pottery as: Kim Vallo, Acoma, N.M. Kim is related to Leland Vallo, Thomas Vallo (brothers), and the late Simon & Marie Vallo (parents). This hand coiled piece is signed.

4 1/2" Tall, 5 3/4" Wide

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Acoma Pueblo Hand Coiled Pottery Bowl
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