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Hopi Butterfly Mana Kachina

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SKU: 091616-KA-1823

Erwin Pino, "Shro Dema" (Going Planting), was born in 1964. He is Hopi, Laguna and Acoma. He began experimenting with wood carving at the age of 10. He was inspired to continue the art of carving by his friends and relatives. When he was a young boy he observed his elders? carvings with great admiration and enthusiasm.

Erwin specializes in hand carved Hopi kachina dolls. He uses a pocket knife to carve cottonwood root into highly detailed and well painted dolls. Tradition is very important to Erwin and by continuing the family tradition of carving, it helps him become closer with the spirits. He is extremely respectful of the traditional ceremonies held within his clans which involve the great spirits of the kachinas. Erwin does not plan ahead on which type of kachina he will create. Instead, he works with the shape of the wood he is using. Erwin allows his imagination to create what comes naturally to him. Erwin signs his kachinas: Erwin Pino, and the title of the kachina. Erwin is related to Richard Dawakuku (uncle), Gary Heheya (uncle), the late Meldon Hayah (uncle), Melvin Pino (brother) and the late Benson Seeni (grandfather).

8 1/4" Total Height

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