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Etched Horsehair Acoma Pottery Friendship Vase

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SKU: 052021-PP-P579

Irvin was born in 1955 on the Acoma Pueblo. His Indian name is "Vines of the Melon" of the Yellow Corn Clan. Irvin was inspired to learn the art of working with clay from his Grandmother and Aunt. Acoma traditions are extremely important to him. He began working with clay at the age of 14. He was taught the fundamentals and methods of hand coiling traditional pottery passed down to him by his family members.

Irvin now specializes in working with contemporary style pottery. He learned the technique of producing the Horse-Hair pottery. The kiln is set to a certain temperature and then the horse hair taken from the main or tail is tossed randomly on the heated pottery. The resulting carbon being drawn into the surface of the pottery creates the wonderful designs and patterns.

All of Irvin's work is Hand Etched. The process of producing the work of art is very time consuming. He is only one of a few Acoma potters that makes Horse Hair Pottery. He signs each piece: Irvin J Louis, Acoma.

The horsehair burns when it touches the hot pottery leaving a light stain cooked into it, making a beautiful and unique one of a kind pattern on each piece. The piece is then completely etched by hand.

6" Tall, 7" Wide

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Etched Horsehair Acoma Pottery Friendship Bowl
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