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Hopi Hand Coiled Pottery Wedding Vase

$750.00 $995.00
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SKU: 072023-PH-Q763

Dorothy Ami is a relatively new Hopi potter whose work shows creativity in design. Her vessel shapes are very precise and her designs carefully drawn and beautifully painted. Traditionally, an artist would use a paint brush made from yucca and use all natural pigments for the designs.  It has been said by some of her collectors that Dorothy Ami does not use yucca brushes. She makes brushes out of her own hair.

Ami is a cousin of Mark Tahbo who has been her mentor. Her painting is very precise. She has mastered the technique of thin walled pottery and firing her wares to achieve beautiful areas of blush. This piece is signed.

8 1/2" Tall, 5 1/4" Wide

*This wedding vase is intended for display only.  It is not sealed and cannot hold water.*

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