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Navajo Golden Hill Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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SKU: 092022-JB-F084

Golden Hill turquoise surrounded by sterling silver overlay designs. The Altyn-Tyube ("Golden Hill" in the Kazakh language) mountain range is located in Kazakhstan about 200 miles South of the Russian border. This is where the original Golden Hill mine is located. Another 200 or so miles South brings us to the more recently discovered Lavender mine. While both produce similar material, the Lavender mine tends to produce more turquoise with spiderwebbing. The rough turquoise from both mines tends to get mixed together, so all of the material is generally marketed as Golden Hill turquoise. This piece is signed D Benally by the Navajo artist.

Materials: Sterling Silver and Golden Hill Turquoise

1 1/8" at Widest Point.  

5 3/8" of Silver, Plus a 1 1/8" Opening

6 1/2" Total, Including Opening - Fits Medium Wrist

This bracelet CANNOT be adjusted.

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