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Painted Acoma Pueblo Scene Pottery

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SKU: 092916-PA-1358

Westly was born into the Navajo Nation in 1965. He was taught by his long time companion, Marie Francis Vallo, an Acoma potter who is the mother of Leland, Kim and Thomas Vallo. Westly's work is a fusing of Navajo and Acoma traditions. He has developed his own unique style, giving his pots an amazing contemporary flare.

Westly is well known for his beautiful parrot, flute player and lizard designs. He continues to grow as an artist and is gaining in popularity among mainstream collectors. He signs his work as Westly B or W/B along with the name of the design and the year. This piece is pour molded.

10" Tall (Including Ladder), 6 1/2" Wide

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