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Santa Clara Hand Coiled Black Pottery Bird

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SKU: 101818-PSC-j163

This adorable bird is from Santa Clara artist, Linda Askan. Linda digs her own clay, coils the shapes by hand, and fires them outdoors in a dung fire. She creates both the traditional red and black pottery; the color depends on both the clay slip she uses, and her firing methods. Linda has two daughters of her own, Diana born in 1976 and Rose in 1978, and although they are currently in college, they too know the art of traditional pottery making, and Linda’s sister Birdell Bourdon is also a potter. Linda is also related to the potters John, Joyce, Linda and Merton Sisneros, and Earlene Tafoya. This piece is signed.

3 3/8" Tall, 1 7/8" Wide

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