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Santa Clara Pueblo Etched Hand Coiled Pottery

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SKU: 072219-PSC-Q363

Like her brother, Forrest Naranjo, Dusty was not raised in a strictly pueblo environment. Her father, Tito Naranjo, was a university professor and this less traditional upbringing probably accounts for the contemporary styles of Dusty's pottery. In fact, Dusty did not even pursue pottery until a little later in life. She first graduated with a BA in psychology from NM Highlands University and recently obtained her Master's Degree in Art Therapy. However, having been exposed to pottery making throughout her life -- both her parents pot and her father's siblings are Jody Folwell, Nora Naranjo- Morse and Dolly Naranjo -- it was perhaps inevitable that Dusty give it a try. When she did begin potting she discovered that is was a wonderful creative process. Using only traditional techniques, Dusty is now a well known potter having progressed far in a short period of time. This beautiful piece features intricate geometric designs and is signed Dusty.

4" Tall, 3" Wide

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