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Isleta Pueblo Pottery Storyteller Doll Nativity Set

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SKU: 112023-PP-N069

Mona Teller, “Pa-Shawn-Thupa-Wa”, was born to the Pueblo of Isleta-Tewa in 1960. She began making clay sculptures at the age of 24. Mona was inspired to carry on the family tradition of making clay figures by the famous Stella Teller (mother) and Lynette Teller (sister), who are both well known for their contribution to the art world with their elaborate clay sculptures. Stella is featured in many publications and has won numerous awards. They taught Mona all the fundamentals of working with clay.

Mona continues to specialize in storytellers, nativities, animals, and small children at play, which she refers to as “moz kids”. Her pottery is made using natural pigments gathered from within the Isleta Pueblo. The sculptures are hand pinched, hand coiled, hand painted, and fired outdoors, the traditional way, with cow chips used for fuel. She signs her work as Mona Teller, Isleta, N.M.

Joseph figurine is 4" Tall, 1 1/4" Wide, 1 7/8" Deep

Baby figurine is 1 1/8" Tall, 1 7/8" Long

This is a one-of-a-kind item. You will receive the exact piece shown.

*This pottery is intended for display only. It is not sealed and cannot hold water.*

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