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Sizing Guide

Use this guide to understand how we measure each item on our site.


We measure each piece of pottery by height and width (diameter). Measurements are taken at the highest and widest points on the piece.


Our bracelet measurements are given as the Total Inside Circumference, which is equal to the combined measurement of the silver and the gap/opening. We also provide the length of the silver and the opening separately.

The bracelet's width is measured at the widest point of the cuff, usually at the center. The width is the axis that runs from your hand to your elbow.

To determine your wrist size:
Optimally, use a soft tape measure (the type seamstresses use) and run it around your wrist over the top of your wrist bone. If you don't have a soft tape measure, you can also use a strip of paper cut to around 1" wide, then mark it for measurement with a straight ruler or tape measure. The tape or paper should wrap around your wrist in such a way that it just contacts the skin without being too tight or loose. This is your wrist size and should be used to compare the sizes listed on the website (listed as the "Total, Including Opening" on the listings). Optimally, the measurement of the bracelet should match the size of your wrist, though many bracelets can be adjusted to increase or decrease the opening. When browsing bracelets, you can also use our search refinements to see only the bracelets in your size range.

Please note that the wider the bracelet, the larger it should be to accommodate the wrist bone or wider parts of the wrist.


International customers, use the size chart below to convert from the US size listed on the site.

Each ring is listed with the USA numerical size. We also list the width of the ring at the center where it is widest. The width is the axis that runs from the tip of your finger to the knuckle.
Ring Size Chart


Earring measurements are given as length and width. The length will include the hook where applicable, and is measured from the very top of the hook to the lowest point of the earring. The width is measured at the widest point.