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Zuni Pueblo Hand Coiled Pottery

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SKU: 032824-PP-S736

Anderson Peynetsa is the brother of Priscilla, and the son of Wilma Jean Peynetsa. Anderson began making pottery in the eighth grade and in the last ten years or so has now developed into an outstanding craftsman. He is among the best-known potters at Zuni pueblo who work within the traditional style. This involves gathering the clay and the natural pigments used to paint the designs on the pottery from the area around the Zuni Pueblo. His thin-walled pots are hand coiled and fired outdoors (not in a kiln), and the designs on them are a progression of the traditional designs of his ancestors. Anderson is a master of interpreting the ancient designs to produce his contemporary themes. His jars are often large, but exude a remarkable appeal of smoothness and balance. His Walking-Deer design has made him famous, but he also makes whimsical Peering-Lizard pots in which the heads of a number of geckos extending over the rim of the pot. In making his pots, Anderson is often aided by his wife, Aurelia, who polishes his clay creations. This piece is signed. This pot is signed.

6 3/4" Tall, 7 3/4" Wide

This is a one-of-a-kind item. You will receive the exact piece shown.

*This pottery is intended for display only. It is not sealed and cannot hold water.*

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