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Acoma Pueblo Hand Made Pottery 5 Child Storyteller

$280.00 $375.00
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SKU: 050223-PA-Q107

After receiving guidance from her mother and grandmother, Corrine Garcia has devoted over 35 years to creating pottery. She adheres to the traditional hand-coiling method and personally crafts her clay, paint, and recycled pot shards. Corrine particularly enjoys making corrugated storyteller bowls, which feature symmetrical designs and include depictions of children and animals. She finds inspiration for these pieces from the natural cisterns atop the Acoma mesa, which become play areas for children and animals after rainfall. Corrine successfully captures the essence of these scenes in her pottery, and her unique technique creates a fine-line appearance that resembles water symbols.  Signed Corinne Acoma

4 7/8" Tall, 2 3/4" Wide, 3 1/2" Deep

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