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Jemez Pueblo Pottery Corn Maiden

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SKU: 051324-PJ-U244

Gordon Foley, “Middle of the Plaza”, was born in 1975 into the Jemez Pueblo; he is also Oto-Missouria. The lucrative aspect of the business was partially responsible for his inspiration. However, he was also inspired from his elders to learn the art of pottery making. As a child, Gordon would assist other members of his Pueblo to hand coil their pottery and observe their methods, with a careful eye, and gather knowledge so that one day he to would be able to make beautiful art of his own.

Gordon specializes in hand coiled contemporary styled pottery, but he is not limited to just that he also has made clay sculptures. All of his pottery is made from Mother Earth which is gathered around his home within the Jemez Pueblo. Then, he mixes the clay with white sand. Gordon uses the traditional coiling method to form each piece of pottery. Before the pottery dries he will form ribs around the exterior part of the pot. Once the Pottery is dried, he sands the pot around each rib with sand paper. Next, he applies the paint and then adds a finishing polish to the pottery. Finally, he will fire the pottery outdoors with cedar wood, which is the traditional way of potting. Gordon signs his pottery as: Gordon Foley, Jemez.

Gordon is related to many famous potters among them are following artists: Laura Gachupin (mother), Marie G. Romero (Grandmother), Bertha Gachupin (godmother), Maxine Toya (aunt), and Damian Toya (cousin).

6 3/4" Tall,  3 1/2" Wide

This is a one-of-a-kind item. You will receive the exact piece shown.

*This pottery is intended for display only. It is not sealed and cannot hold water.*

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