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Adelle Nampeyo

Adelle Lalo-Nampeyo was born into the Hopi-Tewa Nation in 1959. She is one of the great granddaughters of the famous “Nampeyo”, known for reviving and expanding the beautiful ancient style of pottery called Sikyatki. She was inspired to learn the art of pottery making from her Mother, the late Elva Nampeyo. She has been making pottery since 1979.

Adelle specializes in the handmade traditional ancient Sikyatki polychrome pottery which her family is famous for. All of her materials are from Mother Earth. She hand coils all of her pottery the traditional way. She enjoys making seed pots most of all because they are easier to work with. Her favorite design is the fine line and eagle tail. She strongly believes that she needs to continue making pottery the traditional way because of her strong spiritual beliefs. Adelle is now teaching her children the art that her ancestors have taught her so that they can continue in her foot steps.

Adelle signs her pottery as: Adelle L. Nampeyo, followed by a corn symbol to proudly denote her clan origin.