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Adrian Garcia and Madeline Naranjo

Madeline E. Naranjo and Adrian Garcia are full blooded Native American Indians. Madeline was born in 1971 and Adrian was born in 1973. They are both members of the Santa Clara-Tewa Pueblo. They were both taught the fundamentals of hand coiling traditional pottery using the methods of their ancient ancestors. They were also influenced by many of their family members to continue a long lived family tradition. Julie Gutierrez also had a big impact on their decision to become artisans. Madeline & Adrian have been working together as a team since 1989.

Madeline & Adrian specialize in hand coiling traditional Santa Clara, but adding their unique contemporary flare. They gather their clay from within the grounds of the Santa Clara Pueblo. They clean, mix, hand coil, shape, etch, polish, and fire their pottery, outdoors with horse manure. The designs they chose to create are those of nature scenes, because of the respect and the love they both have for the planet and all that it has to offer.

They are related to the following artists: Effie Garcia (mother) and Madeline Naranjo (grandmother). They sign their pottery as: Adrian Garcia & Madeline E. Naranjo, SCP.