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Alma Loretto Maestas

Alma Loretto (Concha) Maestas, “Painted Parrot”, member of the Water Clan was born in 1941. She is half Jemez and half Laguna. She was inspired to continue the tradition of pottery making by her Mother, Carrie Reid Loretto. Alma was introduced into pottery making at the age of 7. Alma specializes in handmade Jemez Pueblo clay figurines, storytellers, koshares, nativities, and can also hand coil traditional pottery. She began experimenting with clay and decided that she enjoyed making figurines most. She paints with natural colors and fires her pottery the traditional way. Alma currently signs her pottery as:  ALMA, followed by a water symbol to denote her clan origin. Alma is also related to the following artists: Dorothy, Lupe, Edna, Fannie, Josephine, and the late Mary Loretto, all sisters.