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Arthur and Hilda Coriz

Arthur & Hilda Coriz are both prize winning, full blooded Native American Indians from the Santo Domingo Pueblo. Arthur was born in 1948 and deceased in winter of 1998. Hilda was born in 1949 and currently making pottery on her own. Arthur was a self taught artist. He observed his brother-in-law, Robert Tenorio and became inspired to learn the long lived tradition of working with clay. Hilda was coaxed by her brother, Robert Tenorio in the 1980’s to learn the art of working with clay. Continuing the traditions of their people are extremely important to them, and by working with clay they add to the long lived legacy of their people.

They specialize in handmade, hand painted traditional Santo Domingo pottery. They gather natural clays and other pigments from within the Santo Domingo Pueblo. They hand clean the clay, mix all the materials with water, and begin hand forming the pottery using the coiling method. When the product has been completed they set it out to dry. Once the pottery is dry they sand the finished product, they hand paint many different designs of birds, animals, flowers, and geometric designs with natural paints which they boil from pigments like spinach plant and honey bee wax. Finally, they fire their pottery the traditional way, outdoors. They sign their pottery as: Arthur & Hilda Coriz, followed by a hand etched pot. Paulita Pacheco (sister), Gilbert Pacheco (brother-in-law), Ione Coriz (daughter), Andrew Pacheco (nephew), Juanita Tenorio (mother), and Andrea Ortiz (grandmother) are among some of the artists they are related to.