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Brian Tsethlikai

Brian Tsethlikai & Yvonne Nashboo are full blooded Native American Indians, both were born into the Zuni Pueblo. Brian, member of the Parrot Clan, was born in 1978, and Yvonne, member of the Eagle Clan, was born in 1975. They were inspired to learn the art of hand coiling pottery from Phil Hughte, who was one of their instructors in school. Yvonne also learned the art of pottery making from her sister, Tammy Bellson. Handmade pottery is a dying art within the Zuni Pueblo and Brian, along with Yvonne (girlfriend), have teamed up to carry on a long lived tradition. They have been making pottery continuously since 1995.

They specialize in handmade Zuni pottery. They gather raw materials from within the Zuni Pueblo and create a very unique style of pottery. They clean the materials for imperfections, mix the clay, hand coil, shape, sand, paint, polish, and fire their pottery the traditional way, outdoors, with sheep dung. They hand coil a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pottery, and on occasion they will construct a lid to cover the pottery and accent it with a whimsical lizard. Brian & Yvonne chose the lizard pottery because it is believed to bring good luck. They sign their pottery as: B.T./Y.N., Zuni.