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Carico Lake Turquoise Mine

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Carico Lake Faustite

The Carico Lake mine is named after the dried up lake bed in Nevada where this unique material is mined. The mine produces a wide variety of turquoise ranging in color from dark blues to light greens, some with yellow or dark blue "water" webbing. Most sought after is the intense apple green material. Identified as faustite, it is a cousin of turquoise containing more Zinc which causes the color.

Carico Lake Cabs

Being a lake bed, the mine also produces rare and highly collectible clam pseudo-morphs: ancient clam fossils in which the turquoise filled the natural cavities of the shells.

Over the years, Carico Lake has also been sold under the names Aurora and Stone Cabin turquoise under previous owners. Today the claim is owned by Ernie Montoya of Albuquerque, NM and is actively being mined.

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Carico Lake Rough