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Caroline Sando

Caroline Sando, “Peacock Feathers”, is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born in 1963 into the Jemez Pueblo. She was inspired to learn the art of pottery making by her Grandmother, Andrea Tsosie. Andrea taught Caroline all the fundamentals of working with clay and using ancient traditional methods. She began experimenting with pottery in 1971 at the age of 8. The lucrative aspect of the business also played a key roll in her becoming an artisan.

Caroline specializes in Jemez Pueblo style storytellers. She uses all natural clays and natural paints to hand make her storytellers. Caroline gathers her own clay from the sacred grounds within the Jemez Pueblo. Then, she cleans, mixes, shapes, paints and fires her pottery the traditional way, outdoors, with cedar wood chips. She accents her dolls with turquoise stones to give them more of a traditional look. Her favorite ones to make are 20” or taller, because she likes the challenge of adding more detail and more children. Caroline signs her pottery as: Caroline Sando, Jemez.

Caroline is related to the following artists: Irene Herrera (mother) and Andrea Tsosie (grandmother).