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Damian Toya

Damian Toya is a full blooded Native American Indian, born into the Pueblo of the Jemez in 1971. Damian is the son of Maxine Toya, who is currently one of the finest Jemez potters of our time. Maxine was the inspiration behind his interest in learning the art of working with clay. He is also related to: Laura Gachupin (Aunt), Marie G. Romero (Grandmother), the late Persingula M. Gachupin (Great Grandmother), and his sister Camille Toya. Damian is a member of the Corn Clan. Damian has been making pottery since the age of 5.

Damian specializes in handmade Melon Swirl Pots. He gathers his materials (natural pigments) for his masterpieces from the grounds within the Jemez Pueblo. He cleans, mixes, hand coils, shapes, sands, fires outdoors, and polishes his own pottery. He was quoted as saying “All the pots that I create are my favorite, because each one is a part of me.” He signs is art as: Damian Toya, Jemez, followed by the corn sign to denote his clan origin.