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Elliot and Zelda Garcia

Elliott & Zelda Garcia, members of the Sun Clan and Parrot Clan, are full blooded Native American Indians from the Pueblo of Acoma. Elliott was born in 1947 and Zelda was born in 1967. They were inspired to continue the family tradition of pottery crafting by their creativity, and economic motivation.

They specialize in hand crafting ceramic pottery. Each piece of pottery that they craft has special meaning: White pottery represents Mother Earth.and Sunce and sunrise represents clan origin. Bear and bear claw represents power, straight, and long life. Feathers represent spirits up above. Lizards and turtles represent good luck. Pueblos represent Acoma Sky City. The colors they use also represent elements of the earth like: red and yellow represent the sun, blue represents the sky. Black represents the clouds and mountains. The fine lines represent the rain that is one of the oldest designs used. They etch and craft all these symbols on their pottery freehand, no stencils are involved.They sign their pottery as: Zel Sun Rise, followed by a sun symbol to denote their clan origin.

They are related to the following artists: Shana, Lynette, Janet Garcia (daughters), and Wilfred Garcia (brother).