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Gloria Kahe

Gloria Kahe is a full blooded Native American Indian, born into the Navajo Nation and is a member of the Water Clan. She was born in 1951. Gloria married into a family of fine Hopi potters. She acquired her pottery making techniques from one of the most respected masters of clay, from the Hopi Reservation, Marcella Kahe (mother-in-law). Marcella taught Gloria all the traditional techniques of hand coiling and hand painting the traditional designs of the Hopi people. She has been making pottery since 1986. The lucrative aspect of the business also played a key roll in her interest as an artist.

Gloria specializes in traditional hand coiled and hand painted pottery. She has developed her own designs on pottery, so that she can establish a style all her own. All of her materials are dug up within in the Hopi Reservation which surround her home. Native minerals and vegetables are also used for contributing the shades on her pottery. Firing is done outdoors, and sheep dung is used for this process. She hand coils symmetrical shapes and sizes. Gloria has established a reputation as a quality artist and has created a market for her fine collectibles. Gloria signs her pottery as: G. Kahe.

Gloria is related to the following artists: Samuel Kahe (husband) and Valerie Kahe (daughter).