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Greg Victorino

Greg P. Victorino is a full blooded Native American Indian. He was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1960. Greg was inspired to learn the art of painting on ceramic pottery by watching others. However, what has made his art so uniquely wonderful is his imaginative designs which awe and amaze the average collector. In addition, the lucrative aspects of the business have played a key roll in motivating him to paint. Greg has been painting on ceramic pottery since he was 12 years old. He would observe other family members and this sparked an interest in learning an art.

Greg specializes in painting geometric eye dazzling designs on several shapes and sizes of ceramic pots. Greg measures each of his patterns as he paints. He uses only the black and white colors to paint his intricate geometrical puzzle patterns, which he is well known for. Greg signs his pottery as: Greg Victorino, Acoma, NM.

Greg is related to the famous Sandra Victorino (sister-in-law).