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Jerry Samuel

Jerry Samuel was born into the Navajo Nation in 1959. He began his interest in creating these unique dolls by watching his sister, Cheryl Yazza, craft her dolls in early 1998.

Jerry handcrafts these beautiful one of a kind, Southwestern Indian porcelain dolls from scratch to finish, along with the help of his wife, Victoria Samuel, and his son Cooper Samuel. Jerry creates these unique dolls with enthusiasm and in anticipation of attracting all types of doll collectors. His dolls are designed with fox fur, bobcat, badger, or wolf pelts. The clothing resembles the clothes worn by Northern and Plains Indian Tribes. The facial design represent spirits of various Navajo Ceremonial Dieties, while the colors represents the clans of the Navajo. The attire also tell stories such as the fox head representing spirits of animals for hunting purposes. Jerry is of the Bitah’nii Clan. He obtained his artistic ability from his family who are also artisans. Jerry proudly signs his dolls as: J-Samuel below the left ear.