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Jim Harrison

Jimmy Harrison is an authentic Native American Indian.  He is a member of the Red House Clan.  He was born into the Navajo Reservation in 1952.  Jim began his professional career as a jewelry craftsman in 1981.  He was taught all the fundamentals of working with silver at the age of 16 when he enrolled in a silversmithing class in high school.  He credits Preston Monongya and Jessie Monongya for his success as a fine jewelry artisan.  They shared their techniques with him and opened up his mind to his own designs.  His designs are reflective of the bright stars of the New Mexico nights and the geometric forms of the landscape.  They all play a part in his finely detailed inlay jewelry.  With sleek and contemporary shapes and designs, he manages to balance the flavor of tradition with his stylized approach to Indian imagery.  It is believed that Preston, Jesse, and Jim were among the first jewelers to work extensively with inlay of multicolored stones and shells with silver.  His designs continue to change and they include Hopi and Navajo Sunfaces, and the Yei- bei-chei.  He experiments with landscapes and  galaxies.  On occasion, Jim adds a rug design as a border to his beautiful designs.  The work of Jimmy Harrison is very distinctive and easily recognizable.  He works primarily with sterling silver and  authentic multi-colored inlayed stones such as, coral, turquoise, lapis, sugalite, mother of pearl stones, and other various materials.  His colorful and innovative inlays in his jewelry are inspired by the natural gifts that Mother Earth and Father Sky provide to each and every one of us.   His creations include rings, necklaces, bolos, bracelets, earrings, and concho belts.  He stamps his jewelry as, Jimmy Harrison.