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Jocelyn Vote Honani

Jocelyn “Honani” Vote “Kocha Hon Mana” (White Bear Girl), member of the Water Clan and Bear Clan, was born in Yuma Arizona in 1962 into the Hopi Nation. The Continuance of ancient traditions of her people are extremely important to her, being that she is a teacher by profession. This is a very enjoyable hobby for her to relax with.

Jocelyn is the only one of a handful of female artist hand carving Kachina Dolls to date. She specializes in hand carved Hopi Kachina Dolls carved out of cottonwood root. She began her curiosity at the age of 7, being inspired by her late Uncle Hubert Honani, who also was a very talented Hopi Kachina carver. Her Kachinas have become highly detailed since the age of 19 when she began carving them. There are over 300 known kachinas from the Hopi Reservation alone. Kachinas are believed to be the spiritual guardians of the Indian way of life, and they are also used in certain religious ceremonies. It is extremely important that you don’t offend kachinas. When carving a kachina you must represent them very accurately. Jocelyn signs her work as: Kocha Hon Mana, which is her Hopi Indian name, followed by a bear paw to denote her Clan origin.

Jocelyn is related to: Aaron & Ernest Honani, who are her cousins, and also to the late Hubert Honani (uncle).