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Joe Cate

Joe Cate is a full blooded Native American Indian. He was born in 1944 into the Santo Domingo Pueblo. He was inspired to continue the long lived tradition of hand making jewelry from his ancestors using ancient methods of constructing the fine jewelry. The lucrative aspect of the business also encouraged him to become a jewelry artist.

Santo Domingo jewelers have an incredible history of creating essentially the same type of jewelry perhaps for thousands of years. Joe colaborates with his wife, Rosey and they specialize in turquoise and heishi necklaces in which each bead is authentically handmade giving each piece an individual incredible feel. Their designs of the stone mosiac and shell earrings that they creates are beautiful, and while they look very contemporary, the designs are very ancient. He learned all the fundamentals of working with raw nuggets of various stones at a very young age. Joe is related to: Joe Cate, Sr. & Crucita Cate (parents), Rosey cate (spouse), and Arvin Cate.