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Joseph Coriz

Joseph Coriz is an authentic Native American Indian. He was born into the Santo Domingo Pueblo in 1958. He was inspired to follow in the footprints of his parents where were very successful at making beautiful handmade jewelry, and Vidal Aragon who was known for his fine silversmith petroglyph designs. They taught him all the fundamentals of working with beads and raw silver at a very young age. Joseph absorbed each piece of information with traditional hand crafted jewelry and eventually developed his own unique style. He combined the traditional methods of hand crafting jewelry and added his own unique contemporary flare by creating his style primarily with authentic sterling silver designs. He developed a great passion for hand crafting beautiful masterpieces of fine jewelry and is surely one of the finest master silversmiths of our time.

The work of Joseph Coriz is very distinctive and easily recognizable. He works primarily with sterling silver, rolled heishi beads, turquoise, coral, and handmade silver beads. With this combination of natural products and his dramatic stamp work he is able to allow his creativity take control and create some of the finest jewelry available today. His colorful and innovative style is surely all his own. His creations include rings, necklaces, bolos, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and concho belts. Joseph stamps his masterpieces as Joseph Coriz, Santo Domingo Pueblo.