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Joy Frog Woman Navasie

Joy (originally Yellow Flower)“Frogwoman” Navasie, member of the Kachina Clan, was born in 1919 into the Hopi/Tewa Reservation. She is the daughter of the famous Paqua (original Frogwoman) Naha, who was credited for originating the white slip elegant styled Hopi pottery. Paqua’s trademark was the frog symbol and it was passed down to Joy in 1939. Joy’s frog symbol has long webbed feet, while Paqua’s had short toes. Joy has been using her trademark since the age of 20. Joy is one of the most prolific and finest Hopi potters of today. She learned all the traditional methods of pottery making from her mother. Joy’s career as a potter began in 1935.

Joy specializes in traditional styled white slip Hopi pottery. All of the steps used to make her pottery are taught the traditional way, from gathering clay, cleaning, molding, coiling the pottery, slipping, polishing, painting, and finally the outdoor firing with sheep dung. Joy coils many shapes of pottery like: wedding vases, jars, and bowls. Joy taught her family members all of the knowledge that she acquired over the years, so that they may continue the tradition which her mother, Paqua, started back in 1935. Joy signs her pottery with a frog symbol.

Joy is related to many famous artist among them are: Burel Naha, Stetson Setalla, (nephews), Sylvia Naha, Fawn Navasie (nieces), Marianne Harrison, Loretta Navasie (daughters), and Charles Navasie (grandson).