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Kathleen Lewis

Kathleen Lewis is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born into the Acoma Pueblo on September 26, 1932. Kathleen is a member of the Yellow Corn Clan. Kathleen learned all the fundamentals of working with clay art and using the ancient traditional hand coiling methods by observing friends and family members. She was a natural at painting her designs at a very young age.

Kathleen specializes in hand painted polychrome black-on-red jars, bowls, effigy pots, and miniatures. She gathers her natural slips from within the Acoma Pueblo along with the natural vegetation which is used for making the natural colors used to paint the designs. She begins by breaking up the plant life that she has gathered such as: spinach plant which provided the black color, yucca stems are fashioned into brushes for painting, and flowers are used for color. Then, she boils her pigments and plant life to form just the right colors, and then she begins the hand painting process on preformed vessels. Once the painting has been complete and the paint has dried Kathleen fires her pottery in a kiln. The Lewis family is well known for their exquisite hand painted diverse traditional and contemporary designs. She signs her pottery as: K.L. Lewis or K. Lewis. She is related to: Toribio & Dolores Sanchez (parents), Josephita Sandoval (grandmother), Ethel Shields (sister), Carolyn Concho, Judy Lewis, Marilyn Ray, Diane Lewis, Rebecca Lucario (daughters), and Bernard Lewis (son).