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Kenny Sando

Kenneth James Sando, “Christmas Deer”, was born in 1963 into the Jemez Pueblo. He was artistically inspired to become an artist by Gabriel Cajero and Don Chinina whom are his closest friends. They taught Kenny all the fundamentals of pottery making the traditional way.

Kenny mainly specializes in the finest authentic hand-made storytellers. However, he will hand-coil pottery from time to time. He gathers all his materials from within the Jemez Pueblo. He cleans, mixes, shapes, sands, paints, and fires his own work. According to Kenny, it’s a very long and difficult process. It takes him about a week of non-stop effort to construct one of his masterpieces from start to finish. Kenny also hand coils corn maidens, clowns, bears, and turtles. Kenny enjoys making his clay sculptures the best. He likes the challenge of designing his own style of art.

Kenny is related to Wilma Gachupin (sister), who also specializes in storytellers. Kenny signs his pottery as: K.J. Sando, Jemez.