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Kimberly Eteeyan

Kimberly Eteeyan is a full blooded Native American Indian, she was born in 1964. She is half Jemez and half Potowatomie. Kimberly was inspired to hand coil clay sculptures and storytellers by many other artists, her creativity, and she was also economically motivated to continue a long lived tradition. Kimberly has been experimenting with pottery making since the age of 20. Kimberly was quoted as saying, “I just wanted to create my own style of art.”

Kimberly specializes in handmade storytellers and clay sculptures, but does not limit her abilities. She can also hand coil pottery the traditional way. She gathers her clay from the grounds within the Jemez Pueblo. Kimberly also grinds, sifts, hand mixes, and hand shapes her pottery on her own. She paints using all natural colors provided to her by the natural pigments found within the Jemez Pueblo, and finally, she fires her pottery in a kiln. Kimberly signs her pottery as: KE-Jemez.

Kimberly is related to Mary Louise Eteeyan (mother), another one of the well known potters around today.