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Lander Blue Turquoise

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Lander Blue turquoise is bar none the most expensive and rarest turquoise ever mined. Discovered in 1973 by Rita Hapgood, a one-time blackjack dealer from Battle Mountain, NV, while on a picnic with her two sisters. The mine, a very rich small pocket, was referred to as a "Hat Mine", a term used for small such mines that could be "covered with a hat". These types of pockets are not uncommon, but with no running veins or zones, once they are mined out they are gone forever. The mine was quickly claimed under the name Mary Louise Lode Mining Claim after Rita's mother. It was then sold for $10,000 to Marvin Syme and Henry Dorian, who in turn brought in Bob Johnson who provided the equipment to mine.

The popular myth is that only 110 pounds of turquoise ever came from this mine. Other sources clarify that while it may be true only 100 or so pounds of the highest grade classic Lander Blue material was mined, various other grades were also found, including some that was green in color. Supposedly, each of the three miners hauled out a full truckload apiece and went their separate ways.

The best Lander Blue is characterized by it's incredible deep blue color with tight black or brown spider-webbing.

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