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Louis and Nadine Mansfield

Louis & Nadine Mansfield are full blooded Native American Indians from the Laguna Pueblo and the Acoma Pueblo. Louis was born in 1967 and Nadine was born in 1968. They were taught the fundamentals of pottery making from several different artists, including Betty Ramirez-Concho (mother). The continuance of family traditions is extremely important to these fine artists. Nadine was 17 years of age when her interest in pottery making evolved. She would assist other artisans with their work and Nadine learned several different methods of the clay process.

Louis & Nadine specialize in handmade pottery. They both assist each other in every aspect of working with the clay. They gather natural pigments found within the Acoma Pueblo. They clean, mix, coil, shape, paint, and fire their pottery in a kiln. One of their trademarks is the lizards climbing all over the pottery. The lizards represent good luck and a long life. They make a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and paint intricate traditional patterns. They sign their pottery as: Louis, Nadine Mansfield, Acoma.