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Lupe Lucero Loretto

Leonora Lupe Lucero-Loretto, “Sun Flower”, is a full blooded Native American Indian. Lupe was born in 1943. She is half Jemez and half Laguna. She began making her pottery sculptures at the age of 34. Lupe was inspired to make pottery by her sister, Dorothy Trujillo.

Lupe specializes in the handmade humorous Koshari storytellers, but does not limit herself to that. She also hand coils nativities, and other clay sculptures. She gathers her own clay, sand, and other natural pigments from the hills within the Jemez pueblo, then, she cleans the clay, mixes sand with clay together, and begins to hand coil her sculptures. Lupe also paints her art with the natural colors that she hand mixes as well, and finally, she fires her art the traditional way, outdoors. She add corn stalks to add a bit of flare to her work. Lupe signs her pottery as: L Lupe L Lucero.

Lupe is also related to the following artists: Alma Concho, Marie Loretto, Fannie Loretto, and the late Mary Toya (all sisters).