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Mae Tapia

Mae Tapia-Suazo was born in 1956 into the Pueblo of Santa Clara. Mae became interested in making pottery when she was about seven years old. Mae was inspired to make pottery by her Mother, Santanita Suazo. Her mother taught her all the fundamentals of pottery making and Mae continues the family tradition today.

Mae specializes in handmade contemporary red on black miniature pottery. She gathers all of her materials for making her pottery from within the grounds of the Santa Clara Pueblo. Mae cleans the clay, mixes, hand coils, shapes, designs the images, carves the images, and fires her pottery, outdoors, the traditional way. She makes a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Mae carves many designs on her pottery ranging from; kokopelli, rabbits, lizards, and hand coils animal sculptures. She signs her pottery as: Mae Tapia, Santa Clara. Mae is related to Shirley Duran, Margie Naranjo, and Candy Suazo (sisters).