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Manuel Curtis

Manuel Curtis was born in 1976 into the Navajo Nation. He was inspired to learn the process of hand making Navajo kachina dolls, by his friend, (Ronnie Foster), his creativity, and economic motivation also played a key roll. He began making his dolls in 1993 at the age of 17. He began by assisting Ronnie construct his Hopi kachina sculptures. He took the knowledge he acquired from him and came up with his own style of sculptures.

Manuel specializes in hand making the large Navajo kachina dolls. He takes strolls down by the Rio Grande River in search of raw materials like cottonwood root to create his kachinas. Manuel accents his dolls with leather, feathers, bells, and uses acrylic paints to make his fine art. His favorite one to make is the koshare clown. Manuel signs his kachina dolls as: By Manuel Curtis, followed by the name of the kachina.

Manuel is related to Bernice Todicheenie (mother), who creates sand paintings.